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Financial support to help households, businesses and farmers recover from the flooding caused by Storm Henk

The government is offering financial support to help households, businesses and farmers recover from the flooding caused by Storm Henk between 2 January and 12 January 2024.

Property Flood Resilience (PFR) Recovery Support Scheme 2020

Please see the below email which has been sent to people who flooded in February 2020 and that have expressed an interest in the Property Flood Resilience (PFR) Recovery Support Scheme 2020



As your property has been approved eligible through completing the Expression of Interest form, we are getting in touch to remind you that the deadline for submission of applications to the Property Flood Resilience (PFR) Recovery Support Scheme 2020 is 31 December 2021. As you know, this scheme enables property owners to apply for up to £5,000 to carry out a survey of their property, identifying the required PFR measures, and to purchase the recommended measures. Any additional budget requirements will be at the expense of the property owner.


The council understands that you, like others, may not have progressed beyond the Expression of Interest stage because of the need to undertake a PFR survey and pay up front. The council has taken steps to streamline the process and can organise a PFR survey to be carried out on your behalf by simply emailing us at [email protected] and you will be contacted directly by our appointed independent surveyor (JBA Consulting) to organise one.


Upon completion of the PFR survey, you will receive a copy of the report which will recommend a set of PFR measures best suited to your property. You will need to obtain quotes from at least three contractors – these quotes need to include the core measures detailed in the survey. Please note that the PFR survey cost of £400 will be paid for by Herefordshire Council and then claimed back from Defra (and deducted from the £5,000 eligible grant thereby leaving you with £4,600 to undertake specific works). For more information about the scheme please visit


If you no longer wish to participate in this scheme or if you have already had a PFR survey carried out and are progressing to application, please can you email us at [email protected] so that we can update our records?


PFR Team

Herefordshire Council

News release – Recovery under way in parts of Herefordshire as response continues

News release




19 February 2020

Recovery under way in parts of Herefordshire as response continues

Support announced for affected communities

Parts of Herefordshire continue to experience significant and widespread flooding from high river levels and deep surface flooding. A number of agencies including Herefordshire Council, Environment Agency, West Mercia Police and Hereford & Worcester Fire and Rescue Service and West Midlands Ambulance Service and health partners, are working together to protect Herefordshire residents, focusing on the most vulnerable members of the community.

With parts of Herefordshire still suffering the impacts of Storm Dennis, the recovery effort is already under way in many parts of the county.

 Councillor David Hitchiner, Leader of Herefordshire Council, said: “We have all been shocked to see the level of devastation inflicted by Storm Dennis, which has caused disruption to the entire county and untold damage to those directly affected. I would urge all residents to please follow official guidance and do not put yourself in any unnecessary risk.

“I would like to thank our partner agencies for their tireless work to protect local residents. The situation is still live but it is important that we begin planning for the recovery now so that support is in place as soon as possible.”

Using emergency provisions, the council has now confirmed that it will set up a new Community Relief Scheme, which will offer up to £500 for eligible affected properties and up to £2,500 eligible affected businesses. Applications are now open and we encourage everyone who is entitled to make an application.

Council tax relief and Business rate relief is available for properties affected by the recent floods.

For more information or to apply, please visit the Herefordshire Council website.

For the latest updates, please keep checking the Herefordshire Council website and follow @HfdsCouncil on Facebook and Twitter.

To find out more about the support and guidance available please visit

Please do not enter flood water or put yourself at unnecessary risk. If your home has been flooded and there is no threat to life, dial 01432 260000. If you are in danger, always call 999.




Herefordshire Council Communications Team

[email protected]         01432 260006



Notes to editors


Community Flood Recovery Grant for residential properties

The grant is for £500 and paid direct to the household.

Households are eligible where flood water has entered the habitable areas of the property, or the residence is considered unliveable for any period of time due to flooding.

The grant does not apply to empty homes, second homes or student accommodation.

 Business Flood Recovery Grant for business premises

 The grant is up to £2,500 per small / medium sized business affected, as a grant paid direct to the business.

Businesses are eligible where the business is directly impacted or has directly suffered a loss of trade as a result of the flooding that cannot be recovered from insurance.

Herefordshire Council Budget Consultation 2017/18

Council launches budget consultation

On July 29th Herefordshire Council launched its budget consultation for 2017/18 and is asking residents to participate and have their say.

The budget consultation will run until Friday 7 October and is asking residents for their views to help set future budgets and what residents might be able to do to help support their local communities.

To participate in the consultation visit